Food, Meat and Poultry Processing Supplies Australia Wide

Lashing & Twine

Multi End Cops are the ideal way in which to cut and obtain 25 lengths of twine economically.

Custom strength, colour and coil length available on request.

Lashing can be cut to your required length or cut and tied as required.

Legging Paper

Hartin Legging Paper is high quality wet strength, sourced from European paper mill.

Used for protection of exposed meat from contamination from hair & fleece.

Standard sizes readily available for lamb, sheep & beef or custom sizing as required.

Abattoir Products

We supply a broad range of products for abattoir production including:

  • Meat Branding Ink
  • Butchers Pouches, Chains & Belts
  • Band Saw Blades
  • Thermometers
  • Bung Plugs
  • Meat Shank Caps
  • Stockinette
  • Soaker Pads
  • Thermal Labels
  • Weasand Clips
  • Netting


Clear puncture resistant film.
Waxed puncture resistant cloth.
Perforated on rolls or cut sheets.


Coloured Tuflock Tags, Shipping Tags plus Labels and Plastic Tags on enquiry.


Full range of towels, toilet paper, wipers, dispensers, soap & sponges.

Crates & Tubs

Hartin Packaging offer a range of solid or ventilated crates from the Nally range.

Stack and nesting crates, bulk bins, pallet and tubs – the Viscount range is the largest range  of plastic solutions to industry in the Australian marketplace.


All your catering needs including:

Baking Paper, Cling Wrap, Foil, Cups, Straws, Hot Chicken Bags, Cutlery Sets, Napkins.


Suitable for packaging a diverse range of fruit and vegetables, or meat wrap.

Food Films

Meat Film in Natural colour or Fruit and Vegetable Film in Green.

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