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Multi-End Lashing Coils

Lashing Pre-Cut and or Tied to Required Lengths

Butchers & Baling Twine

Banana & Green House Twine

Multi End Lashing

Multi End Cops are the ideal way in which to cut and obtain 25 lengths of twine economically.  
1 Ply 3000 Tex

Code: LL13000
25 Ends
250 Metres


1 Ply 6000 Tex

Code: LL16000
25 Ends
135 Metres


3 Ply 9000 Tex

Code: LL39000
25 Ends
90 Metres


Cut, or Cut & Tied Lashing

Lashing cut to length, or cut and tied as required. Custom cut lengths are available in a very quick turnaround time.

Standard Cut Lengths:

Lashing 5000 Tex Cut to 0.9m
Lashing 9000 Tex Cut to 1.1m, 1.5m 2.25m, 2.5m
Lashing 2250 Tex Cut to 1.1m & Tied
Lashing 3000 Tex Cut to 0.9m & Tied
Lashing 4500 Tex Cut to 1.95m, 2.2m & Tied
Lashing 5000 Tex Cut to 1.2m & Tied
Lashing 6000 Tex Cut to 1.4m & Tied
Lashing 9000 Tex Cut to 1.4m, 1.63m, 1.9m & Tied
Lashing BLUE 6000 Tex Cut to 2.0m

Baling Twine

White Baler Twine

Code: LT3000W
3000 Tex 2000m

Orange Baler Twine

Code: LT7000O
7000 Tex 1300m

Blue Baler Twine

Code: LT8000B
8000 Tex 1100m

Butchers Twine

Polyester Butchers Twine

Code: LTP2475
2475 Tex 355m

Ctn Qty: 20 Rolls

Polyester Butchers Twine
Cut to Lengths

Code: LTPC24751
2475 Tex Cut to 1.0m

Ctn Qty: 4,600

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