Netting – Meat

Our elastic meat netting has an easy to peel web stitch design, superior compression to eliminates holes and voids, this enables the netting to give better shaping and eye appeal of the finished product.

All nettings are made from food grade materials and adhere to the relevant regulatory requirements.


Available Sizes: 80mm to 250mm (diameter)

Spirals per 100mm: 7 – 10

Temperatures: Boil:<100°c / Roast:<225°c

Colours: White, Red and White. Other colour options upon request.

Packaging Format: 50mtr, 100mtr, 500mtr and 1100 metre rolls, (Taut)

Make Up: Knitted synthetic net in tubular form with inlaid spirals of covered natural latex

Vertical Chains: Food grade Polyester yarn

Horizontal Chains: Extruded food grade latex covered with food grade polyester


Netting – PE

Tubular netting is made from polyethylene.

This extruded product is available in rolls for automatic packaging and in single heat seal bag for hand packaging.

This product is suitable for packaging a diverse range of fruit and vegetables.



Bunched Heat Seal Bags
38cm, 43cm, 50cm

Polynet Continuous Reels
44cm x 1000



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