Tags & Labels

Hot Carcass Tags

Size: No. 1 – 70x35mm
Box 1,000

  • Specially coated tag to withstand water & the heat of carcasses

  • Available in a large range of colours

  • Strung or unstrung

  • With or without printed stripe

Shipping Tags

  • Full Range of Colours and Sizes
  • Strung or Unstrung
  • Hole Only or Reinforced Eyelet
  • Box 1,000

Thermal Labels

  • Plain White
  • Plain White with Red Border
  • 85 x 110 (example)
  • Please let us know your size requirements

Plastic Security Seals

The Ringseal provides a positive barrier against unauthorised entry or tampering.  Once closed, it is impossible to open without destroying the seal or leaving visible signs of damage. The Ringseal is an effective method of providing security on a wide range of applications.

PP/PE Loop Locking Security Seal

  •  207mm Min Tensile Strength – 12kg
  • Comes with sequential numbers
  • Loop Seal, does not pull tight
  • Packs of 100 pieces
  • Various colours available
  • Other styles also available

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