Food Grade Carton Liners

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High-Quality Food Grade

Welded Gusset – Non Entrapment

High Density Carton Liner

L x W: 635+380×635

Available in:

14um Natural, Orange
16um Natural, Blue
Ctn Qty: 500

32um Natural, Blue, Pink, Grey, Yellow, Green
Ctn Qty: 250

32um Blue on Roll
Ctn Qty: Roll 250 

Stock lines readily available in High Density or Low Density from 14um to 90um and various colours.

Low Density Carton Liner

L x W: 635+380×635

Available in:

40um Blue
Ctn Qty: 250

60um Blue
Ctn Qty: 200

60um Blue on Roll
Ctn Qty: Roll 200

L x W: 635+380×950 (extra long)
45um Blue
Ctn Qty: 200

Or enquire for custom size, colour, weight or print – fast turnaround & excellent quality.

Ensure Your Meat & Food Products Stay in a Quality Condition with Plastic Carton Liners

Whether you are a direct supplier of fruits, vegetables, meats or any other product that needs to remain fresh for end consumption, it is essential to introduce the appropriate equipment and materials to ensure quality standards are maintained.

At Hartin Packaging, our food-grade carton liners are developed using high-density and low-density biodegradable materials from 14um to 90um, available in various colours and custom sizing or prints.

What are the Uses for Plastic, Food Grade Carton Liners?

 Plastic food grade liners have long been used in a variety of applications to keep food fresh and free from contamination. Organisations can utilise them as the packaging materials in storage containers, protecting them from external substances or environmental conditions, especially when loaded aboard transport vehicles or kept in warehouses. Carton liners made of food-grade plastic are also commonly applied in food service establishments such as restaurants and caterers.

Why Invest in Food & Meat Grade Carton Liners?

Protect food & meat products amid packaging in your boxes

  • Avoid the spillage of any products
  • Ensure no outside elements or contaminants find their way into your produce
  • Both high & low-density plastic carton liners available to suit your needs
  • Custom sizing, colours, weight and prints available with fast turnaround times

Wider Solutions Beyond Plastic Carton Liners for Food Packaging & Processing

Our team at Hartin Packaging offer comprehensive solutions for managing food packaging, processing, and personal protection. Alongside our meat-grade plastic carton liners, we also provide a selection of food grade bags, pallet bags, pallet wrap, bin liners and more to assist in your operations and maintain the quality of your offerings.

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