Pallet Bags

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Food Grade Bags Made from Virgin Material

Suitable for Mega Pallet Crates & Lining Cartons

Pallet Bags

We stock a variety of pallet bags in various colours and sizes.

We also specialise in both local and imported pallet bags for any custom requirements.


Custom sizing – fast turnaround & excellent quality

Standard Pallet Bag Sizes


1200+1200 x 1000 mm

1200+1200 x 1850 mm

1200+1200 x 2400 mm

Film Colour: 
Natural, Blue, Black or Green


  • 100um/roll 25
  • 90um/roll 25
  • 75um/roll 40
  • 50um/roll 50
  • 45um/roll 100
  • 30um/roll 100
  • 25um/roll 150

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