Zip Lock Bags

Supplier of Wholesale Ziplock Magic Seal Bags Australia Wide

Magic Seal Bags

Thickness 40um
Packet 100
Carton 1,000

Minimum sell 1,000
50um or 75um on request

** Note our bags are plain **
(red stripe available on request)


Code         Size
PB5907    50mm x 75mm   (2″ x 3″)
PB5903    75mm x 125mm   (3″ x 5″)
PB5902    100mm x 125mm   (4″ x 5″)
PB5908    90mm x 150mm   (3.5″ x 6″)
PB5906    100mm x 180mm   (4″ x 7″)
PB5900    153mm x 230mm   (6″ x 9″)
PB5904    205mm x 255mm   (8″ x 10″)
PB5901    230mm x 305mm   (9″ x 12″)
PB5905    280mm x 380mm   (11″ x 15″)

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